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Collection & Logistics Management

At BLEN, we adopt a systematic management approach to streamline the gathering of POME and UCO feedstocks.

We focused on optimizing transportation routes, reducing costs, and maximizing efficiency by leveraging advanced logistics management techniques and utilizing real-time data.

Strategic Collection Hubs

To facilitate collection efficiency, we have established strategic network collection hubs in close proximity to clusters of palm oil mills and UCO points of origin. These hubs are served by our mobile units, which are well-equipped with appropriate storage and handling facilities to transport the feedstocks to the main collection center for further quality improvements.

In-house Tracking System

We enhanced our collection activities with a system that enables us to track and monitor collection routes, quantities, and quality of POME and UCO. Through the use of data analytics, we can optimize collection routes, identify high-yield areas, and forecast demand. This technology-driven approach enhances our operational efficiency and minimizes unnecessary trips, reducing both costs and environmental impact.